Immigration Law

The IG Law Firm is a U.S. immigration law firm with offices in Los Angeles, Victorville (the High Desert), San Bernardino, and Long Beach California. The IG Law Firm is dedicated to representing individuals, families, and corporations in their immigration law cases.  Immigration law is a complex and constantly changing area of the law, with new rulings and regulations issued regularly. At The IG Law Firm, dedicated immigration legal professionals remain up to date on all current developments through professional publications and associations, as well as continuing legal education.

The IG Law Firm immigration attorneys attend numerous immigration law conferences and seminars across the United States to keep abreast of immigration law changes. This dedication, attention to detail, and perseverance makes all the difference in the outcome of a case. Our lead immigration attorney’s have a track record of success with all types of immigration law matters, including I-140 petitions, H-1B compliance issues, as well as hardship and J waivers, visas, naturalization, spousal immigration, green cards, and related issues. He has an outstanding record of approval for immigration petitions, including some of the most difficult or unusual immigration petitions.*

Firm Philosophy
At The IG Law Firm we believe in helping people accomplish their immigration goals through dedication to hard work, individual attention, and excellence. We know how important immigration issues are in our clients’ lives, and we are prepared to devote our full energy to each individual and each case to help our clients achieve their dreams.

Appellate Litigation
The IG Law Firm regularly files and wins appeals in federal courts throughout the US on a host of immigration issues. We have successfully stopped deportation on many occasions. Additionally, our firm has filed arguments in cases where our clients’ green card and citizenship applications were unreasonably delayed. Whether you need a review of an asylum denial or visa refusal, a federal appeal might be appropriate. We have taken on novel issues and made them work.

Business Immigration
We give daily guidance to companies with immigrant employees in areas ranging from restaurants to construction to agriculture, to academic institutions and research labs. From architects to dentists, librarians to engineers and teachers to every type of information technology specialist imaginable, our office has been able to secure long-term and permanent immigration status for a wide range of professionals.

Our firm successfully represents applicants for naturalization and derivative citizenship. Whether you have a complicated case due to prior mistakes with the criminal justice system, tax problems or allegations of fraud, we will consult and advise if citizenship is right for you. Do not forget, the 2014 version of the naturalization application is 21 pages long. Even those of you who think that the process looks simple, be careful, please. Call Victorville, High Desert (760) 684-8087, (909) 708-4989 San Bernardino, Los Angeles (213) 271-1533 or Long Beach (562) 528-3002 for a consultation now.

Deportation and Criminal Defense
We frequently work with criminal defense lawyers as co-counsel in post-conviction relief motions as well as advising attorneys on the proper pleas to negotiate for immigrants accused of crimes. It is your Constitutionally guaranteed Sixth Amendment right to have your criminal counsel work with us on ensuring the best way to avoid deportation at all times.

Employment Immigration and Work Visas
At The IG Law Firm, we pride ourselves on resolving cases for clients from all over the world, who are sponsored by companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. We offer creative solutions for many entities seeking visas in categories such as H-1B, L-1, O-1, TN, E-1, E-2, J-1, and many other non-immigrant work visas.

Family Based Immigration and Green Cards
Whether you are a US citizen petitioning for your parents, children or siblings, we can help you. We also apply for green cards for the relatives of permanent residents. Do not try to fill out the forms without proper guidance. The laws often are modified by changes occurring on a weekly basis due to rulings from federal courts, new decisions by Homeland Security or changes in federal regulations. Talk to us first. Your discussion with our firm may just be a life changer. (High Desert) 760-684-8087, San Bernardino (909-708-4989, or (Los Angeles) 213-271-1533

Green Cards
There are a variety of ways to get your green card. At The IG Law Firm we know them all, including obscure parts of immigration law that you will not hear about from “jack of all trades” lawyers. Our constant, thorough review of the latest progress – in the ever-changing procedures by which to secure legal permanent residence status – will help you achieve the best outcome possible on your green card application.

H-1B and All Work Visas
Immigrants who graduate from university, as well as inter-company transfers, are just two of the many bases of work visas we handle. We have long standing relationships with industries ranging from manufacturers and distributors of a multitude of products as well as service providers in finance, law, health care and technology, among others. Contact us today review your work visa needs.

Investor Visas
An E-2 non-immigrant status resembles green card status in many ways. E-2s may remain in the US indefinitely, are not required to maintain ties abroad, can be engaged in self-employment if in furtherance of the investment, and their spouses can obtain work authorization. The investment need not always be extraordinarily high. These cases are carefully prepared to advance the standing of immigrant investors in America. Contact us today to find out about E-2 non-immigrant status.

J Visa Waivers and Permanent Residence
The IG Law Firm evaluates cases and will review all five types of waivers of the two-year J Visa home residency rule. We can navigate you through the labyrinth of waivers and have decades of experience in successfully overcoming this impediment to permanent residence for many immigrants.

K Visas for Fiancées
A popular area of immigration law, K visas are utilized by immigrants engaged to US citizens. We have assisted hundreds of couples beginning a new life together in America. The procedure is often fraught with challenges ranging from document review to time delays to questions as to the validity of the relationship. You deserve to be united with your true love as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to return your emails and calls as soon as possible. Our immigration firm has assisted American citizens whose fiancées are all over the world waiting to enter the US.

Labor Certification (PERM)
Typically used for skilled laborers and immigrants with advanced degrees, the PERM process is a necessary part of acquiring a green card for thousands of immigrants annually. We will outline and execute PERM cases for you, no matter what industry. We know the ins and outs of carefully crafting job duties and responsibilities. Recruitment and “ability to pay” issues are carefully reviewed in order to have the best results.

Marriage Based Immigration
The most common way to become a lawful resident, applying for residence through marrying a US citizen, marriage based immigration is often misunderstood by people who think it is an “easy” way to get a green card. Educate yourself by speaking to us today about the complex nature of this process and why hiring us may be the smartest move you make. Do not go it alone. Far too many couples call us after a bad experience on their own or with lawyers not thoroughly experienced in immigration law.

National Interest Waivers / PERM Bypass
Immigrants wishing to bypass PERM often have exceptional ability and do not require a sponsor through the National Interest Waiver. The IG Law Firm has won many such cases by demonstrating that it is in the interest of the US to allow immigrants in this category to live here. These cases have gotten more challenging in recent years, and we will provide the support needed to overcome the difficulties.

Orphans and Other Adoption Cases
Adopting a child from another country can be a long and time consuming process. We have helped thousands of families successfully navigate this process as quickly and painlessly as possible, ensuring that precious years are spent with your family and not in court. US citizens adopting a child from another country must ensure legal status is conferred on their son or daughter. We are here to help you make this happen.

Political Asylum
Political asylum is one of the most difficult areas in immigration law. Our office fights and wins asylum for immigrants fearful of return to their home countries due to persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, and social group. The system is tricky and overwhelming. New case law commonly results in a need to keep up with how to win, given the obstacles of a backlogged bureaucracy. We have a proven record and are up to the task.

Removal / Deportation
Since 1997, when Congress began calling deportation “removal,” the numbers of people returned to their countries has skyrocketed. Do not find yourself in the two million-plus removed under the current presidential administration. Call us at Victorville, High Desert (760) 684-8087, Los Angeles (213) 271-1533, (909) 708-4989 San Bernardino, or Long Beach (562) 528-3002 regardless of where you live if you are facing removal and we will do everything we can to find a solution before you are taken away from your loved ones.

Temporary Protected Status / Sanctuary
If your country was affected by a natural disaster or civil strife, we might be able to help you stay here and receive both employment and travel authorization through a Temporary Protected Status. There are a handful of nations whose citizens qualify for TPS, and we have helped hundreds and hundreds of these applicants seek sanctuary in the United States.

U Visas and Related Petitions for Victims of Violence
If you have been the victim of a crime or violent act, call us today at Victorville, High Desert (760) 684-8087, (909) 708-4989 San Bernardino, Los Angeles (213) 271-1533 to discuss your rights and how you may qualify to receive legal status. There is a growing interest in our government to deter violence by encouraging immigrants to apply for legal status after suffering as victims of many criminal acts. We can help you.

Waivers of Inadmissibility and Deportation
Many times, a green card or visa may be denied due to a violation of immigration or criminal law. Before this happens to you, speak with us about how to seek a waiver from Immigration. The IG Law Firm has gained ground in the various waivers such as I-601s, I-212s, I-601As plus waivers under Sections 237(a)(1)(H) as well as 212(d)(3).