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Six Reasons Why We Are the Best Family Law Attorneys

1. Our Family Law attorneys are experienced family law courts in your area. There is no substitute for local experience and knowledge of local legal strategies. We are present and defending cases in your area every day of the week.

2. Our fees are affordable and the most affordable on the market. In addition, our attorneys work hard to resolve your matter efficiently, in a way that ultimately saves you money in a timely manner.

3. Our family attorneys fight hard to get our clients the results they need. We tailor our representation to seek great results that make sense for our clients under their particular circumstances.

4. All of our Attorneys love practicing family law and care deeply about their clients. This reflects in everything they do. In family law, having an attorney who cares enough to work hard and fight for you, makes all the difference.

5. Our attorneys make themselves accessible to their clients. Our phones are answered by a live person 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Feel free to give us a call at any time for a Free Case Evaluation or questions at (213) 271-1533 Los Angeles, (760) 684-8087 Victorville, (High Desert), (909) 708-4989 San Bernardino, or (562) 528-3002 Long Beach.

6. Our attorneys are skilled family law practitioners. We practice family law exclusively in your areas.

Family Law Attorneys

If you are involved in a family law Case in Los Angeles, Victorville (High Desert), San Bernardino, or Long Beach, you have come to the right place. You need an attorney who cares deeply about your case, and who is skilled at efficiently resolving family law cases in the Victorville courts. This combination of caring, skill, and efficiency, will translate into great results on your case. Set up a free consultation with our office today, and you will see that our attorneys are the ones you want fighting for you. Our Family Law Attorneys have a proven track record of winning cases in the Los Angeles County, Victorville High Desert, San Bernardino County and Palm Springs, Riverside County Family Law Courts. We would love the opportunity to put our experience to work for you.

Divorce Attorneys

Few circumstances are as stressful as a Divorce. If you are facing a divorce in Los Angeles, the Victorville (High Desert), San Bernardino, or Long Beach, you will want our help. The IG Law Firm attorneys are highly skilled at resolving divorces efficiently and in a way that minimizes stress for our clients, all while fighting to ensure that we achieve the results that are most important to our clients. Do not go attempt to go through a divorce alone. Our experienced divorce attorneys will help you navigate through the maze of divorce in a way that will ultimately save you time, unnecessary stress, and money. Call us today for a free divorce consultation.

Child Custody Attorneys

Among all the issues our family law attorneys handle, child custody is the most important. Fortunately, this is the area of practice where we shine. Our Child Custody attorneys are experienced at securing child custody for our clients. We are skilled at Navigating the Family Law Courts in child custody matters. We know how to demonstrate that it is in your child’s best interest to be in your custody. Along with Child Custody our attorneys are highly skilled at addressing child support issues. We can only help you if you contact us. Call us today to secure custody of your child. You will be so glad you did.

Child Support Attorneys

If you have a child custody case you also have a child support case. Our experienced Child Support Attorneys can help you with both. Let us use our experience in the Family Law courts to secure custody of your child, and work out a fair child support arrangement for you. It is in the best interest of your child to have a secure place to live, and to receive the child support they need to fund their home, education, and social life. It is up to you to make sure this is happening, and we can help. We have skilled trial attorneys on staff with years of experience in child support court. Our attorneys are ready to help you. Please call us today for a consultation.

Restraining Order Attorneys

We handle Restraining Order cases in Los Angeles, Victorville (High Desert), San Bernardino, and Long Beach. Unfortunately domestic violence is possible in family law situations. If your are dealing with domestic violence in your relationship, please contact us. We have an excellent track record of both petitioning for restraining orders to protect our clients, and defending against bogus restraining orders. Restraining orders can have devastating effects on your life. If you are in a situation in which a Restraining Order case is active, please call us immediately. Call us now so we can help you.

Family Law Attorneys

If you are involved in a divorce, you may be entitled to significant spousal support payments. Depending on the length of your marriage, you may be entitled to receive spousal support for many years. Our divorce attorneys understand the family laws in California and how they affect the spousal support their clients deserve. If you are facing a divorce, we can help you determine how much spousal support you deserve under California Law, and we can help you get it. Call us today for a Free divorce and or spousal support consultation. Our skilled attorneys are excited to fight for you. Let’s get started.